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Natural Iced Frothy Cleanser Cream

Natural Iced Frothy Cleanser Cream
Natural Iced Frothy Cleanser Cream
  • Regulates sebum production
  • Maintains balanced moisture levels for skin

Luscious cleansing lotion that foams up easily on your skin and feels super luxurious and moisturising. It removes the grunge deep within your pores and grim in your skin effectively yet without overdrying or stripping your skin excessively of the moisture thanks to the Wheat Protein in its formula. Also balances the moisture levels for your skin but also keeps the excess sebum at bay. Your skin will stay oil-free for a long time.

Suitable for the combination skin type, but it is also ideal for use if you have sensitive skin. It is formulated without any parabens, mineral oil, synthetic colours or fragrances and does not contain any Petrolatum or Paraffin.

JPY ¥ 5,500
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